December 13, 2010

group work .

group work is a cooperative learning.
which is organizing
classroom activities
into academic n social learning
experiences .

by this, all the members
in the group have to work together.
have to discuss very properly n toghetherly.

da nama group work kan,
harusla together discuss pape pun..

1 thing dat happen to me,
really2 force me to push myself out of the group..

without discuss properly,
without ask me to do what,
n last minute baru suruh buat ..

can u imagine how last minute's work ?

when have to decorate
our slide show,
they not
call me to do it together ..

and when i give my idea
on how should we decorate the slide,
they not to listen n buat bodoh je ..

*bole trima lg, maybe idea aku kurang bernas kot ..

they even not to look at me !
like am not at there,
hilang, halimunan !!

can u imagine how i felt ?

i dont want to blame anyone ..
they do this to me because of
they really hate me to be
in that group..

and maybe,
they dont like the way am
working on..

im sorry if i've ruin everything ..

and start from now,
i'll be not in that group
anymore ..


be frens forever dears !

my advice to u ppl,
cari la group members yg betul2 serasi..

because it will seriously effect
ur life,
ur day,
ur rate of pressure ,
ur concentration on study,
n the most important is
ur result !!